The Equipment

Palace Foods has the ability to produce a variety of food products and scale recipes to meet your market demand. Our facilities give clients the ability to utilize a wide variety of the latest food packaging options. We have the ability to produce many types of beverages, sauces, oils, ghee and products that require pasteurization. In addition, we have the ability to package using both the hot fill and cold fill methods depending on your needs.

At Palace Foods, our facilities have the ability to accurately, quickly and professionally produce and co-package your food product to meet your unique specifications. Our facilities and processing framework gives you the ability to cost effectively scale recipes to produce as much as the market demand requires. Of course, we are able to accomplish this while maintaining the integrity and taste of your food product.

At Palace Foods low volume does not mean low commitment. We recognize that not everyone is ready to produce and package their product on a large scale. That’s why we have low volume lines that give individuals the opportunity to produce small batches and scale up as the market demand for their product increases.

Ghee is made by clarifying milk fat at very high temperatures. Due to the specific equipment used to manufacture ghee, Palace Foods is one of the few co-packing facilities in the region with the ability to produce ghee. Our co-packing facilities are capable of manufacturing, packaging, and labeling high-quality ghee at any volume.

Pasteurization is a process that kills bacteria that can lead to food spoilage and food borne illness. The pasteurization process is also necessary to extend the shelf life of foods that would otherwise perish very quickly. Our facilities at Palace Foods have the ability manufacture, pasteurize, package, and label a wide variety of foods including dairy based sauces and dressings, vinegar, sauerkraut, eggs and egg substitute based products.

Cold packing is a process that is we use when heat from hot packing could damage a product or cause it to spoil. With cold packing, rather than using heat to sterilize, the product packaging gets a blast of high pressure, icy cold air which kills harmful bacteria. The cold product is then immediately put into the cold container so that the product remains sterile. Some products must use the cold fill process are salad dressings, beverages containing cream or milk and mayonnaise.

Hot Packing is a filling process in which plastic bottles are heated to a very high temperature in order to sterilize the product being poured into the bottle. After filling the bottles are immediately give time to cool off. This helps preserve the products taste and nutrients. Products suitable for hot packing are liquids with a high acid level such as fruit juices, sodas, and other drinks.