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What Is Co-Packing?

what is co-packing

What is co-packing?

If you’re a food entrepreneur that has a great food product you want to sell on a large scale you need to find a co-packing company. What is co-packing? Co-packing is the outsourcing of the manufacturing and packaging of a food product for wholesale. A company will typically hire a co-packer when they don’t have space or resources. However, there may more benefits to hiring a co-packing company.

Why hire a co-packing company?

Co-packing companies save you time and money by having the processes in place to manufacture food products and scale them for any size market. The cost of purchasing your own food grade manufacturing machines and training employees to run them can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. However, the facilities and expertise that a co-packing company provides allow you to manage these cost of manufacturing your product and scale up as your product becomes more successful.

How to find and select a co-packing company.

There are many things that to consider when choosing a co-packing company. The co-packing process can get very complex depending on the product you’re manufacturing. However here are two of the most common factors to consider when selecting a co-packing company.

  • Evaluate your needs. The first thing that you’ll need to decide is what you need from a co-packing company. Are you looking for a partner to source ingredients? Or someone to simply package your products? Or maybe you need a company to see your food product through the entire manufacturing process from beginning to end? Either way, you need to understand exactly what you need from a co-packer before making a decision.
  • The location of the co-packer. It’s best to choose a co-packing company that is close to the market where you’ll be selling your products. Obviously, this is to ensure that your food is delivered to market at its peak freshness. However being close to your co-packer also allows you to be more involved with the manufacturing process and maintain an open live of communication throughout the process.

What is co-packing? If you’re still not sure to contact the co-packing professionals at Palace Food, Inc. today!


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